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Fox News Network’s Alexandra Deabler says the canned tuna industry is in decline because younger generations want their foods trendier and less-processed. Andy Mecs, VP of Marketing for Star-Kist, takes that explanation a step further, saying “A lot of millennials don’t even own can openers.” This explanation has saturated television talk shows. Boutique-brand tunas like Wild Planet and Safe Catch are another factor. Their pitches are that their tuna is of higher quality and their ethics are, too

The most obvious contributing factor is that processed foods and canned goods are in decline across all categories.

The decline in customers and sales is typical in that there are usually more than one factor at play, as we showed in an earlier article, McDonalds Is At It Again.

Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp says they have to “bring excitement back to the category.” 

The last bit of excitement in canned tuna was the federal grand jury indictment of her predecessor on charges that he conspired to fix the prices of packaged seafood. She must have meant something else. 

Tuna Vision.

Canned tuna sellers are trying new containers, such as tuna in a cup and grab-and-go pouches. They’re also introducing lots of strong flavors, such as jalapeño, chili, sriracha, and buffalo-style. The goal seems to be tuna that doesn’t taste like tuna. Kate Taylor says in Business Insider that the overlooked factor amidst all this kerfuffle is the result of the confluence of two workplace trends we all know about: two-thirds of all offices are now open floor plans and nearly two out of three workers eat lunch at their desks. That, she says, makes smelly tuna an obnoxious choice. 

Introducing Tuno, the vegan tuna.

Jill Waldbieser, writing In Men’s Health, tried several of Tuno’s flavored varieties. One she said tastes “like soggy croutons in tuna-flavored water.” Another was “like bad bottled iced tea with chemically-replicated lemon. ”She also recommends buying tuna in pouches instead of cans to “avoid direct comparison with pet food.”

We recommend it to avoid insulting pet food.Please send this article to people who don’t eat tuna, people who do, and people who eat tuna at their desks in your office.

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