Take this one-question A.I. I.Q. test

How many jobs will Artificial Intelligence destroy?

A. Futurist Thomas Frey says one billion.

B. McKinsey says 800 million.

C. McKinsey says 400 million.

D. The International Federation of Robotics says zero.

Why such different answers?

Frey’s prediction is intended to stir up things. The International Federation of Robotics’ choice of zero is likely a public relations move to minimize any concerns or fears that might lead to unwanted regulation. McKinsey’s inability to agree with themselves is predictable because two different teams working on two different projects used two different models to produce two different results.

When fact checking, ask: Who produced the number? What are their interests?

The correct answer is E, which illustrates as well as any other example how in the real world, all possible answers aren’t lined up neatly right there in front of you to get correct just by going eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Yeah, yeah, I know – not fair.