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NOTE: “dick pics” is the colloquial term used in scientific papers, online publications, and Europe, where news outlets take casual coarseness like this n stride. 

The first academic study on dick pics has been published. Its objective was “to explore men’s motivations for sending unsolicited images of their genitalia.” What kind of men and boys send unsolicited images of their genitalia? To no one’s surprise, most are jerks.

What are their motivations?

  • Casanovas send their junk mail because they feel pictures of their dicks will have women becoming so sexually excited they will immediately agree to have sex with the sender. 
  • Romeos do it so women will send them pictures of their genitalia via return message. These men and boys think their narcissistic and exhibitionist seduction techniques are legitimate icebreakers.
  • Men and boys with venomous hostilities send them to women they hope will be shocked, afraid, and disgusted.
  • Wankers and tossers send them for their own satisfaction. 
  • Analyses revealed a subgroup of males who send photos of someone else’s genitalita, claiming it is their own. The mind boggles.

The study

According to a study of 1,307 dick pic senders, 48% of heterosexual men reported that they had sent unsolicited dick pics to women. Our favorite insight into modern romantic technique comes from the respondent who said, “I send dick pics because it’s the normal way of flirting.”

Best understatement from the study? “Modern men may overestimate women’s interest in receiving dick pics from strangers.”

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