Let's Take A Closer Look

Explaining complicated subject matter simply since 1986

I want to put together a list of Readers’ Top 10 Closer Looks

Most regular readers know me to be a fact-based non-fiction writer who was a business and consumer researcher for more than 30 years before giving it up to write. All around the world, I learned to look behind the curtain, go beneath the surface and dig deeper to find new connections between things, which is how this site got its name. Every week since 2016, I’ve tried to enlighten and entertain you while showing you ways to see more of what’s around you and take less for granted. The better you get at knowing what questions to ask and how to evaluate the answers you get, the less you’ll be willing to tolerate mediocre performance. And my teaching experience at Indiana, Miami and the University of the West Indies taught me the importance of explaining complicated subject matter simply.

Here’s where I need your help

Please tell me which three or four of my more than 300 stories, articles and essays you found the most interesting or enjoyable or whatever. If you remember the titles, great. If not, please tell me the topics, names I mentioned, examples I gave, the moral of the story or whatever you remember.

Also please tell me why you take the time to read LTACL, what you like most about it and what kinds of things you think I should write about. Send it to david@letstakeacloserlook.com.

Thanks in advance,


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