Let's Take A Closer Look

Explaining complicated subject matter simply since 1986.

As a writer, researcher, and teacher, I provide services to:
  1. People who need articles written for blogs and websites and people who want help with press releases and newsletters.
  2. Business leaders who ask me to quietly look into a topic that interests them and write a confidential white paper.
  3. People with data who ask me to make sense of it and write about it.
  4. Decision-makers who ask me to find ways to answer their most pressing business questions.
  5. Executives who ask me to tutor them in how to:
    • Scope research and allocate resources,
    • Select, manage, and evaluate vendors, and
    • Judge process rigor and output quality.

Send me a note and we can set up a conversation: David@letstakeacloserlook.com.